Wednesday, July 14, 2010


11 is our family number.
My Daddy wore #11 in high school and college. He was the quarterback, and played baseball.

My brother wore #11 in high school and college. He too was the quarterback, and played baseball.

Shawn high-school sweetheart...wore #11. He wasn't the quarterback though - he was an All-State receiver. And he played baseball.

My birthday is on the 11th day of August.

We've just always loved the #11.

Tomorrow, on 7/15...Keith turns 11.
The first time I saw him - I loved him. He was 3. He wasn't handed to my by a doctor or a nurse. We didn't cut an umbilical cord. I don't know when he first slept through the night, ate solid foods, took a step.

Know what else? I. don't. CARE.

The only steps that matter are the ones he made into my heart. He has occupied it ever since.

He isn't "easy."
He isn't "normal."
We've come to realize that "normal" is just a setting on a washing machine.

So many people love him. None more than his Momma.
Sadly, as we've gone through the years, I've learned a lot about humanity through Keith. All the lessons haven't been pretty.

The world is filled of judgemental, close-minded people. I've come to see more ugliness than I ever imagined.

It never fails...I get so angry, so hurt.
Then I look at Keith.

He is often smack in the middle of judgement...but he has the purest heart of any child I know.

He is often isolated by the labels and boundaries placed on him by others.
Yet to me...his beauty is boundless.

Keith Martin is my HEART.
And today - my heart is full.

Tomorrow my heart turns 11.
My favorite number.

I look at Zack and I see my scrappy boy who will NEVER let anyone get anything past him. I don't worry about Zack.
I look at Griffin and I see my Politician/Lawyer. Heck, I see myself. I don't worry about Griffin.

I look at Keith and I see the hardest working child I know.
I see obstacles, struggles, and hurdles.

I see more adversity than I consider fair.

You know what I don't see?
Giving up. Quitting. Slacking.

I've been told that God allows adversity in the lives of those that He thinks can handle it.

God thinks an awful lot of my Keith.

I wish that everyone saw the beauty of him. Not his physical looks...but I must admit - he is a striking child.

I mean the beauty of his character. His personality. His abilities.

He is a harder worker than I ever thought of being.
He is the least judgmental soul I know.
He is capable of great, great things. I believe in him. I'm his biggest fan.

Yep, he's my heart. And now he's 11.
Happy Birthday sweet Keith. I love you more than you'll ever know.

just a trip down memory lane...from the old blog. i thought about this as i was typing tonight's entry...had to pull it up.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Guest Blogger

We are on a mini-vacation in "Wee-zee-ann-uh" (as Griffin says). I will have lots of fun pictures and stories to share once we return to reality. In the meantime, I have something special for my readers. A guest blogger. My niece Maddie. Maddie, or Cupcake as I call her, is so much like me it's scary. And I love it. Her parents...maybe not so much. :) I asked Maddie if she'd like to be "in my computer" and she replied, "Yep." So I interviewed her. So here it is.

Me: Ok Maddie. I'm gonna ask you some questions so you can be on my computer.
Maddie: Will Griffin be on there?
Me: Nope. Just you.
Maddie: Will Breanna be on there?
Me: Nope. Just you.
Maddie: Hurry up, I'm gonna go play with Griffin.
Me: Yes Ma'am.
Me: Maddie, what's your favorite song?
Maddie: Hannah Montana.
Me: Which Hannah Montana song?
Maddie: The Limo out front.
Me: Hey Duke (Maddie's Mom), is there a Hannah Montana song called The Limo out front?
Amy/Duke: (singing) You've got the Limo out front.
Me: I think that might be "The Best of Both Worlds."
Maddie: No. It's The Limo out Front.
Me: Alright Maddie, what's your favorite color?
Maddie: Pink & Purple.
Me: What is your favorite food?
Maddie: Pickles!
Me: What's your favorite drink?
Maddie: Sprike.
Me: Sprite?
Maddie: Yeah. Sprike.
Me: What's your favorite thing on TV?
Maddie: 16 Wishes
Me: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Maddie: A Princess.
Me: That's good. Which is your favorite Disney Princess?
Maddie: Um.....The Princess and the Frog.
Me: What is her name?
Maddie: Who?
Me: The princess on that movie?
Maddie: I don't remember. MOMMA, what is her name on the Princess and the Frog?
Amy/Duke: Tiana?
Maddie: Yeah. Her.
Me: What is your favorite place to go out to eat?
Maddie: Mexican.
Me: Where are you going to college?
Maddie: Alabama. With Griffin.
Amy/Duke: No you're not. You're going to LSU with Hannah.
Me: Nope. She said it. She's going to Alabama w/Griffin.
Gigi: Y'all stop fussing.
Me: Maddie, who is your BFF (hoping she'd say me)
Maddie: Griffin.
Me: Tell me some things you are good at.
Maddie: Handstands, cartwheels, splits.
Me: You sure are. Now tell me some things you need to work on.
Amy/Duke: Oh, I can think of LOTS of stuff here.
Maddie: (glaring at her mom) Ummmm....I don't know. Working on trampolines I guess. (she looked out the window and saw the trampoline so I guess that sparked an answer)
Me: Who is your pet?
Maddie: Sassy the cat.
Me: Who are you mad at right now?
Maddie: Nobody.
Me: That's good. Have you ever told a lie?
Maddie: (without missing a beat) Nope. Never.
Amy/Duke and Chris: (in unison) Whatever. You just told one right now.
Maddie: No I didn't!!
Me: What is your favorite thing to wear?
Maddie: Dresses.
Amy/Duke: Notice the pink and black dress she has chosen for her 4th of July outfit.
Maddie: (glares at her Momma) I like to pick MY OWN clothes.
Me: What do you wish?
Maddie: I wish my Momma was a little kid.
Amy/Duke: Why?
Maddie: So me and Breanna could play with her and I would get my drivers license.
Me: Ok. What kind of car are you gonna have when you turn 16?
Maddie: A limousine.
Me: What's your favorite toy?
Maddie: A scooter
*side note - you ought to see this girl on her scooter. she SCARES me she goes so fast on it.*
Me: What food do you not like?
Maddie: Soup.
Me: What is your favorite kind of ice cream?
Maddie: Banilla and strawberry.
Me: Do you have any secrets that you can tell me?
Maddie: Yep. (whispers to me) Patrick always says, "I like poo-poo pancakes." (then laughs maniacally)
Me: That's a good one.
Maddie: Yep! Are you gonna put it in your computer?
Me: Yep, I sure am.
Maddie: Good. I want my Momma to see it.