Tuesday, June 8, 2010

how does your garden grow?

Growing up, we ALWAYS had a garden. I have shelled millions of peas, snapped beans, and gotten up early in the morning to "do the corn." I remember getting to ride in the back of the truck down the rows, pulling in the corn. Then we'd go sit under the big tree at my Aunt Rosa Lee's house and shuck and silk it. The best smell was when they would cut it off...I love fresh corn. Then they'd "put it up."

We always canned. I can remember my mom opening a jar of her tomatoes to add to spaghetti, soup, or my fave...stewed tomatoes on cornbread.

Peas and corn is my favorite meal. That's my birthday request every year. Peas and corn with squash, fresh tomatoes, cucumbers & onions in vinegar, fried okra. Nothing better in the WORLD.

Shawn looks forward to garden season every year. He would make my Aunt Rosa Lee proud. His is very orderly and neat; everything has it's place. He has a few types of tomatoes: Big Boys (my request...Rosa Lee said they were the best), Romas, cherry tomatoes (for Keith) and this year I'm pretty sure he has Heirloom tomatoes as well. He also has different types of peppers. He puts up several jars of pepper sauce each year. We go through pepper sauce, bc we put it in our peas, pinto beans, butter beans (him - I don't eat em'), cabbage, and turnip greens. He's planted squash, okra, green beans, corn, red potatoes, sweet potatoes, cucumbers, and onions.

I told him that his hard work warranted a blog post. So here it is...
By the way...he isn't the only gardner in the family. See those beautiful hydrangeas? Yep - they're all me. :)

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  1. Yes, Aunt Rosa Lee is dancing in heaven because Shawn can "grow a crop"! YOUR hydangeas are beautiful too!!!