Sunday, June 28, 2009

on the lookout

So much has happened since we last spoke! Mom and I saw my sweet friend LISA steal the show in The Sound of Music. It deserves its own on the lookout. Today is my 12th Anniversary. Shawn is so thoughtful...I can't wait to share all the sweet things he did for me. Be on the lookout. We had a photo shoot with our FAVORITE photographer, Kamin. I don't want to give away too much, so I'll just offer this tease - antique tractor, baseball gloves, Ninja Turtle. Be on the lookout.

Finally, Gigi surprised me w/an anniversary surprise. I guess it was for my anniversary. Or it could be just for being an altogether super awesome amazing daughter. Yeah, that's probably what it was for. Anyhoo, she did these w/her very own hands. She's super crafty and talented. And for the record...I heart these silhouettes. And Gigi.

More to come this week. Be on the lookout!


  1. I must give credit where it is due....the silhouettes were Shawn's idea....I just did them. He kept reminding me to do them. ARE a super, awesome, amazing daughter. I love you!

  2. Sue did a GREAT job! they look just like them!