Monday, June 29, 2009

going green

Yesterday was Homecoming at church. There was so much much food. Of course, as we did our good Christian duty and got at the end of the line, I was questioning if there indeed WAS enough food. I was also making mental notes of who was going back for seconds before some of us poor souls preferring our brothers were waiting with rumbly stomachs IN THE BACK OF THE LINE. Anyhoo, we got fed. I had a hearty lunch of grease and flour, bc I chose a MASSIVE piece of fried chicken from Wal Mart. Oh, I heart Wal Mart chicken. I could've chosen from a million delicious sides, but with 3 boys and 2 adults...fixing plates is tricky. I made a deal w/Griffin. I told him that we could share a plate, he could eat from my plate. He quickly informed me that yes, we could make a deal, but that it wasn't going to go down as I suggested. I could eat from HIS plate, thus eliminating many of my delicious side items. So I got 1 piece of chicken.

All Keith wanted was green jello. There was any dessert known to man, crafted by the finest Christian hands on the earth...and he wanted green jello. Of course, by the time we got to dessert...the green jello was gone. Blasted pigs. (forgive me, Lord). My sweet boy...he doesn't ask for much. Shawn looked at me and made this vow, "I WILL get Keith some green jello...I will." And he did. Last night @ 10:30, he went to Winn Dixie and came home w/green jello.

Flash forward to this morning. It's the darnedest soon as my kids wake up, you can bet you'll hear this, "I'm starving. What's for breakfast?" We almost always do healthy stuff. NO sugary cereals, no pastries, etc. It's usually a healthier cereal and fruit, sometimes biscuits, sometimes pancakes, sometimes granola bars. Not today. Today calls for something special.


  1. I LOVE this! I'm so happy my Keith got his GREEN jellow since he can't have anything red! I forgot to tell you that your daddy commented to me while the boys stayed overnight this weekend that he UNDERSTANDS why you buy so many gallons of milk a week....they "heart" milk.

  2. Don't they? 1 gallon lasts 1.5 days during the summer. Wonder if we should just buy a cow?