Monday, July 27, 2009

i'm learning

This picture doesn't really have anything to do with this post, but I love these boys so much...I just wanted to share their beauty with my reading masses.

Been a while, eh?
I can't for the life of me be that devoted daily blogger. I don't see how all of you do it! Since we last spoke, lots has happened. We've had a birthday (Keith), a massive spend the night camp out with 14 other boys, done a 3 day training in The Seven Habits (life changing), done a 5 day training on Math Investigations (loved it), worked in my classroom along the way, prayed LOTS for Gigi and Grandadddy as they were on a mission trip in Costa Rica, read to my boys, read to get the picture.

Over the course of my absence, I have learned some things. I thought that I'd share them with you today.

#1 - I wouldn't trade my family for ANYTHING. I have the best husband, children, parents, brother, sis-in-law, nieces, and extended family in the world. Sorry's true.
#2 - I am really close with my mother. I always knew it...I have never said, "I'm not close to Sue." But having her gone for 9 days made me Mom is one of my best friends. She is NEVER allowed to go on a mission trip, ever again. Period.
#3 - I have decided to celebrate the "sacred ordinary." Saturday, I was out running errands listening to Dr. Dobson on the radio. He had a guest who was fabulous. She is a mom and has written a book that yes, I stopped @ Lifeway and bought. She was talking about finding what is wonderful in your children and clinging to it. She talked about having a teenage daughter who was a hormonal, raging mess. She said that it helped her to remember her chubby 3-year old hand rubbing her face saying, "I love you bunch, Mommy." She talked about finding beauty and joy in the "sacred, ordinary things." Well, Steven Covey turned my life around during my 7 Habits training, so I put it to good use. In my new, awesome Franklin Covey binder, I have listed just a select few of the "Sacred, Ordinary" things that I love so much. I won't share them today...but I will one day. You'll love them too...I promise.
#4 - Laughter is priceless. I have laughed a lot lately. Sometimes to keep from crying. I heart laughing. I'm really good at it. I like to make people laugh probably more than I like to laugh myself. Laughter is great.
#5 - 3 boys are FABULOUS. 14 boys...that is not fabulous. That is borderline mania. Good thing that 10 year old birthday parties only come around once.
#6 - I only thought my boys ate a lot. They are growing, and so are their appetites. They are lean boys, but I am in awe at the amount of food they require on a daily basis. I need to take a day and journal what all they eat, and share it. I just may do that.
#7 - I probably love the sport of golf. Were it not for our new Wii, I would never have known. I am obsessed with playing golf on the Wii. I told my Dad, if it weren't for the blazing hot sun, I could TOTALLY see myself as an avid golfer. Maybe I can be a winter golfer.
#8 - There is nothing funnier than watching my 3 sons play the Wii. Oh, the laughter it has brought to our house. Back to #4.
#9 - Shawn Martin is one good Daddy. He has ON HIS OWN established a new system where the boys have to earn Wii/Playstation time by reading to or with him. He is reading The Boxcar Children with Keith. I love to listen.
#10 - My parents, while amazing, extreme blessings, have a twisted side. They brought everyone treasures back from Costa Rica. While I am appreciative, I am also disgusted, and frankly, angry. They brought the boys flutes. Hand carved flutes. 3 of them. I can only imagine their maniacal, evil laughter as they chose them. I was honestly frightened at the maddening looks of sheer joy and elation when they handed them over to my guys. Do you know what 3 flutes sound like, played at the loudest volume possible, in the highest pitch? I do. And it isn't pretty. These flutes are certainly NOT a sacred, ordinary memory that I will cling to. Something tells me that Harold and Sue are adding this little episode to their catalog of special memories. I must talk to them about that.


  1. What I have learned from this whole endeavor is that you would never have been able to teach in a far-away place. You would miss your mom-t too much.

  2. OK Amy, no more making Noelle cry at work. I get funny looks from my boss. What you are neglecting to say is that you are one awesome person yourself. I have pretty much known you your whole life and I would not trade one day of it. You see for those who don't know "MY" mother was also a teacher at the same school as Amy's mom and Garbadine (heheh..wait til I tell Emilie) I too have roamed those halls and played in the gym, when I wasn't supposed to be, have put the springs on the trampoline (once again not supposed to) but turned out ok. Like you Amy, I live less than 200 yds from my parents, which is good seeing how it is with increasing regularity I lock myself out...Mama has a key THANK GOD) Although Emilie and I were older I can remember you and Lisa and Leslie so vividly when you were very little. I can also remember your mom waiting for the K-4 lottery to call.
    All this boils down to we have to remember things that others might forget becuase it is with the tapestry of so many minds that a town comes alive.
    Peace and Blessings to you dear Amy,